Jane Croft poet

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Misc. Theme

Fashion Statement

The French have chic, Italians flair,

The Spanish look quite debonair;

The Czechs and Poles do not leave home

Without recourse to brush and comb.

We British too have style in dress

Though, in our case, it’s effortless:

We love the rumpled, wear it well.

Do creases faze us? Do they hell.

Does anyone with any sense

Think missing buttons cause offence;

That rips and holes are things to hide?  

We British take them in our stride,

And we’re not bothered, not a bit,

By tee-shirts sporting vulgar wit,

Nor are there any strict taboos

On flesh graffitied with tattoos.

We know that crop tops look all right

On twenty stones of cellulite,

And leggings are okay, we find,

Though strained across a broad behind,

And why would anyone with brains

Mind shorts combined with broken veins?

We never get hung up on hair:

It’s not an issue, it’s just there;

Nor do we vie for footwear style

Since trainers are so versatile,

And nor do British folk abuse

The colours other people choose.

Dynamic shades are great, we think,

And orange goes just fine with pink.

Yes, when it comes to being dressed

Our sense of style beats all the rest.