Jane Croft poet

Jane Croft Copyrights 2014  All rights  Reserved        

While We May

Let us walk among the quiet places

of this earth, among the woods

and hills, and share the peace

that’s only found in open spaces.

Let us watch the changing light

and shifting forms of cloud

where wind and sunshine put

the shadows of the storm to flight.

Let us sit at dusk and see

the stars prick out across the sky

while blue deepens to dark

and shade is green beneath the trees.

Let us not despise familiar things

because they’re free or commonplace

and we become blind to all

the simplest pleasures living brings.

Spiritual Themes

On Dust

Dust cleaves unto dust,

a mutual attraction

subject to censure,

swept aside and shaken out

but never entirely dispatched,

merely displaced – for a while.

Cleanliness cannot be godliness

because clay was given form

and divinely inspired.

This dust that lies along the shelf

is fellow to the living.

It never overtly resists

the hand that seeks to banish it,

but it always returns,

unseen, quietly resolved,

as though a vestige of some former will remained,

translated into mute intent.

Its presence is suggestive

of transitions, past and yet to come.

Dust is infinitely patient, uncritical

of all the different roads we choose,

because it knows that all roads lead

towards eventual reunion.